Friday, April 29, 2011

doc appointment

I had my 6 week appointment with the doctor today. When he first came in he was like, 'I was just reading about the fun that we had 6 weeks ago' (my perineum being cut, the vaginal tear and the million stitches that I had) lol. Unfortunately I really wasn't looking forward to this appointment since I knew he would have to do a pap smear. NOT fun ever. Thankfully it wasn't that bad and it was over with quickly. There was another small concern but nothing serious thankfully. He just asked that I come back in a month to do a final check up.

We also talked about birth control and he asked if I was breastfeeding. So I obviously don't need any form of birth control at the moment, although I said we would probably go back to using the Serena method. It's basically a rhythm method so I don't have to take birth control pills or get a patch or use anything that alters my hormones. Not really the greatest thing to do to your body in my opinion. Plus just being aware of how your cycle works is much cheaper then buying pills every month. I hate taking any kind of medication unless I absolutely need it anyways. The only annoying thing about the Serena Method is, among other things, you need to take your body temp at the same time every day and before you get out of bed. Although I guess with monkey I probably won't have to many opportunities to sleep in for numerous years to come anyways. It worked well the last time and since we are married now,and if I did get prego again not a big deal although I would prefer to wait until I have been at work again for 6 months at least so when the second baby would come I would be able to get EI again.

He did say that if we ever changed our minds that they could help us out with that. So that is nice that I wouldn't have to go all the way home to go see my doctor for that if I decided I want to take the pill again. To be honest though I can't see that happening since I was really freaking moody on the pill. I have a temper and am impatient as it is, it was much worse on the pill. It could have been just the type that I was on but I really didn't even want to deal with trying a different one. It could turn out to be worse.

I also was able to get an appointment with the pediatrician for monkey on Monday to talk about her poop. It's so gross! I preferred it when it was yellow/light brown, seedy etc then to this. It's so gross and sometimes looks like relish to me and holy does it ever smell reallly foul! eww! Thankfully most of them aren't to big. I seriously can't wait till she only has a few poops a week since breastfed babies eventually don't have to many a week.


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