Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our appointment with Heidi was okay. She told us to come back in a few weeks when she is about 6 weeks old and we will see how we are doing. She said that if she isn't sleeping at least 5-6 hours at a stretch at night that we can think about supplementing our night feeding with formula so that I can get 6 hours of sleep at least. She said because really you need your sleep. Heidi is awesome and I know if it wasn't for her support there is no way that I would have stuck with breast feeding this long. I would have gotten to frustrated and given up already. I guess here we are the top city for breastfeeding in our province which is crazy but it's nice to know that there is this breastfeeding support here!

Anyways she was happy to see that my crack in my left nipple was healing (that was the reason why I was having really stabbing pain instantly when she latched on before). The stuff she gave us to put on the last time to heal the crack really helped! It's a real big relief because that pain was horrible and I always wanted to avoid that breast. I didn't of course but it was very tempting to.

She also weighed her because she was a bit alarmed at the weight that she was last Friday. She said that number really didn't seem right considering the last time we saw Heidi which I think was the week before the doc appointment she was 9lbs 10oz. She weighed her and she was 10lbs 6oz which made Heidi happy, which of course made me feel better as well. So we did the whole feeding thing and after like 10 mins on the right she weighed her again and said monkey got 2oz in that short amount of time which surprised me. Feeding off the left was sort of crappy today, she wasn't getting to much for some reason. She suggested that I just keep switching her back and forth every time she loses interest on one side until she just will not go back on. This is to make her eat enough because she really can be lazy sometimes and stop after her hunger is appeased. This might help her go for longer then 2 hours between feedings and also help her sleep for a longer stretch at night. She told me to do that in the day while I can function because I can cope with the challenges of breastfeeding even with some of the frustrations during the day. It's between the hours of 10pm - 6am that I cannot cope with anything especially when I am dead tired.

It was a good visit and once again made me feel like I can actually continue to do this.


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