Monday, March 7, 2011


So over the weekend Chris put up the poles and curtains in the baby's room. It is so nice that they are finally up and nice that when we go in there after dark and have to turn on the light that anyone and their uncle can see us since the one wall is all window basically. The curtains look really nice so I am glad that we went with dark brown.

Other then that I am awaiting the first signs of labour! Baby is being stubborn. Tommarrow is my due date and I really hope baby comes then since me and Chris are both born on the 8th day of a month so be cool if baby was as well. But so far there is nothing to indicate that that will happen :(

Last night was the worst sleep ever!! We stayed up until 1 something before crawling into bed but because we were watching Dexter I sort of wanted to watch something else before falling asleep so I wouldn't be dreaming about blood. Chris was reading from the baby book and I was semi nodding off but still trying to stay away to listen to what he was saying. Well then when he turned off the light and tv I was wide awake and by this time it was 3am. So of course I have to get up and go to the washroom. I got back in bed and flipped myself so I was facing Chris. As usual though the next time I woke up, the side of my body was damp with sweat and so was my clothes, but I was freezing. This has been happening for awhile now. Also my throat was sore! I was like NOOOOOO I am about to give birth hopefully soon and I already have to deal with this stupid cyst on my wrist that KILLS most of the time when I am trying to do anything and now a sore throat and a stuffy nose. No matter how hard I blew it before I went to sleep it was stuffed up! Sucky.

So I crawled back in bed after going to the washroom around 6 thinking GREAT! just my luck. I woke up when Chris's alarm went off and my throat wasn't as bad as it was earlier. But the nose is still stuffy so now I have to deal with the whole trying not to gag because some of it is in my throat. UGH!! I could not fall asleep after Chris left either. I was hungery so I got up and ate something then sat down to watch some TLC but then decided I might as well get comfy in the bed and watch it and hopefully fall asleep. I might have nodded off for a few moments here or there but nothing really refreshing. I ended up staying in there until 11:30 then finally got up and made lunch.

Now I just feel completely shitty!! Watch though because I feel like this and won't get to much sleep tonight, I will wake up sometime today with labour pains and be so exhausted for the birth of our baby. lol that is just my luck.

Baby seemed to be really active this morning! Holy!  It's reassuring though. Since a few days ago I was freaking out that baby wasn't moving as much! I just want to get the labour over with but at the same time I'm scared since our lives will be so different after baby is here and thinking about the care I need to give baby once he/she is out is exhausting to think about!

When I was talking to mom yesterday on the phone she said Saturday night at 10pm the phone rang and she thought it was me with news but it was only a telemarketer. (Really a telemarketer calling at 10PM! geez) anyways she was like you better call me first before you post anything on facebook! lol. I was like even if its 3am in the morning? She was like I don't care. Mom is cute :) (I should mention that almost all of our family is an hour away from us).

I'm just nervous about the labour pains and how I will be able to handle all of that! YIKES I guess I will find out soon. I think Chris wants to walk to the mailbox tonight after he gets home. Sometimes walking brings on labour for some people, and also I plan on sitting on the bouncy ball for awhile tonight to see if that helps as well. I really don't want to go overdue and have to get induced or whatever. No fun. Mom said that I was right on time so maybe it will be the same with my kids. So that means baby will be here tommarrow! CRAZyness. I really can't wait to see what colour babies hair is, if she is a girl or if I am totally wrong and she is a boy! How big baby is etc! I just now baby is cute from what we saw when we had our last ultrasound!


omg this should be an experience! :)


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