Tuesday, March 8, 2011


MY DUE DATE!! Wooot! Unfortunately there has been no sign so far today that labour is going to start any time soon. I guess it's normal for first time mom to go past her due date so yeah. Might be a good thing though considering last night was another shitty night of sleeping. I finally did nod off and I think I got more sleep then I did the night before but I still woke up in the wee hours of the morning having to go to the washroom with a stuffy nose and this time a reallllly sore throat :( I was not a happy camper. So of course this whole day I have felt like crap. I feel like my head is full of wool as well. My throat as of now isn't hurting as much as it was this morning but I know in the wee hours of tonight it will be killing me again. It probably didn't help that the fact that I can't breathe out of my nose to well which meant I had to breathe out of my mouth so that made my throat dry and made me thirsty but no matter how much water I drank it didn't quench my thirst. Plus I didn't want to drink too much and I HATE drinking water with a sore throat. It feels to thin or something. So that is a challenge drinking water today :( I hope this goes away fairly quickly since I don't want to give birth to baby, have him/her in my arms and be giving baby my cold :(

ARGHHH!! I did just use the neti pot a moment ago. I hate the feeling of the water going in one nostral and out the other. I couldn't get it to work right this time either and my nose started hurting so I stopped trying. What little did go through did help my nose though. I might try it again later tonight or something. I just have to check how many times you can use it per day. Because of this cold I have added a box of klennex to my hospital bag. Any one want a bloody cold?

I have a feeling I will make it to my next doctor's appointment. Which is friday in the afternoon. Yep. Hopefully if I do he won't wait too long afterwards to bring me to the hospital to be induced. Fun stuff :( I really don't want to be induced. Aunt Jean says friday is when I will have the baby since that is when the new moon is. So we will see. I have had no signs really, the odd pain etc but nothing major. Baby hasn't been a wiggle worm as much today as yesterday, which always freaks me out but I guess really there isn't to much room in there anymore.

OMG I just want this head cold to go away! I was wide awake when Chris left for work this morning but stayed in bed and watched tv. Well I was actually watching tv before the alarm went off because around 6am I just couldn't sleep anymore. That sort of lulled me to semi sleep for awhile. When Chris left I turned it to TLC and didn't really see to much of it. I got up around 10 though. It really wasn't to restful at all :( Hopefully tonight's sleep will be better. ugh.


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