Friday, March 4, 2011

More baby stuff..

Last night after Chris got home and we ate some food we went out looking for something so that we can hang curtains in the baby's room. We first went to what we thought was Home Sense but it turned out to be Home Outfitters lol. They had something that would have worked but the middle section was to short. It was made especially for bay windows. It was like $60 bucks though.

So then we walked next door to JYSK and found two long rods, two elbow connectors, two ends and two sets of brackets for the pole all for probably under ten bucks! Chris measured and marked the poles where he needs to get them cut and brought them to work today to do so! SOOO much cheaper then the other store! We also got a bath mat finally for our bathroom and the main bathroom for cheap as well. I think everything we bought was on sale!

After that we went over to the real Home Sense/Winners to look. I didn't really look around as much as I would like because by this time I was getting really tired and cranky and my back was hurting from standing.. So we walked around pretty quickly then left for home.

We definately need to get better brackets for the windows though. The ones we got are really shallow and don't even come out past the trim so we are going to go to wally world tonight to find some and some curtains for the room. Then we can get the curtains set up. I am happy about this because the house looks almost empty from outside except for maybe a few things that are near the window now and the green, at least to me it does. Since we park our car in the garage it sort of bugs me that it looks that way. It will be better to have curtains in there. I definately want to get that done before baby is here because those windows take up the whole one wall and I am not excited about going in there at night to change baby when anyone and there uncle can see in with the light on. So yep!

I am surprised that I am not as nervous about leaving the house so close to my due date as I thought I would be. I was worried about my water breaking while out mostly but whatever! I just wear my black pants and it it happens, it happens.


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