Tuesday, March 15, 2011


(written on april 4th 2011 - finally had some time to catch up!)

Tonight me and Chris had to go to the hospital for 6pm for a pre-induction using something called cervidal. They did the usual when we got there and by then I knew where to go to since we have been in there a bunch (the monitoring room). Anyways my doctor came in and showed me what it looked like. It was bascially a long flat piece of paper? that they inserted. To me it looked like a straw wrapper that you would have on straws at fast food places. The info sheet said it has medication in it that is slowly released over 12 -24 hours. It supposed to help soften your cervix which in turn might help start labour. Unfortunately for us we did not know that after it was inserted I had to be monitored for two hours before I was allowed to go home. I guess to make sure there is no complications with the meds or any other problems. Still sucked and was a long two hours considering I was hooked up to the monitor and was laying on those beds again. Especially considering what happened the day before I wasn't looking forward to having to be there that long. I did not want a repeat back pain like that. Plus you have to wear those stupid gowns, yeah not making me feel to comfy.

Thankfully after two hours we were able to go home. Sometimes they have to keep you longer but all was well with me and baby so they sent me home and told me to come back in at 6 or 7 am so my doctor could take it out. Having that in was very uncomfortable. It's like a tampoon since it has a cord that hangs out and it was irritating to the skin! Sitting really sucked but thankfully sleeping during the night I didn't feel it at all. They told me to take it out if things like my water breaks or I have more then five labour pains in ten mins or they are longer then 90 seconds in duration. Funny since I have no idea if the pains I was having was labour pains or not. I think at this point I was having regular pains but they were easily ignored and I could distract myself easily from it so I guess they were just like practice contractions or my body getting ready for labour.

All night I know I was ansy about going into labour and actually really hoping that I would! But no such luck. :(


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