Monday, March 14, 2011

non stress test

So this morning I got up around 8:30 am since I needed to be ready for when Chris came back from work to pick me up to go to the hospital for the non stress test. Except I was shocked that he walked back into the house 10 mins after I got up. The car wouldn't start! Instant stress for me and all I could think of was what the hell would we have done if I went into labour last night and the car wouldn't start. I guess obviously we would have had to call a taxi or something but yeah not the most ideal way to get to the hospital!

Anyways Chris called CAA around 9:10 am and they said it would be about 45 mins before they would be out, or I guess anytime between 1 and 45 mins. We figured it was the battery was dead. Chris did change the turn signal that was acting wonky and not working properly Sunday night.

Anywas I called the hospital because I didn't know if I would make the 10:30 time slot because of the car. So she said that we can come in at 11:30. The CAA guy got here at a resonable time and he was gone by 10 to 10. The battery was fine, he determined that the car was flooded and just had to step on the gas really hard and it started. It's so weird since Chris said when he was trying to start it this morning he was being careful not to flood it. He said also yesterday when he turned the car on to check the signal light it sort of stuttered a bit and it did seem to him today that the clock in the car seemed to take a really long time to turn off. That was why we thought it was the battery. Anyway's it was a relief that the car started!! I did not want to have to take a cab to the hospital!

So I call the hospital back to make sure it`s okay that I go for 10:30 since we can make it now. They were fine with that. So we get ready and go. We brought my hospital bags with us just in case. So we get to the hospital and go up to labour and delivery and she hooks me up to the machine. She took my temp and blood pressure. The two things were to monitor when I was having contractions and the babys heart rate. I also had this button I had to push every time I felt the baby move. She said I would be hooked up for about 30 mins, but I was actually hooked up for more then one hour. It was scary near the end since babys heart rate was dropping and then went down to the 60's, but the line was broken so I was thinking maybe it was just registering mine. When the nurse came to unhook me she said that that is what happened. Baby prolly shifted and it just picked up mine. So that was a relief! She said everything looks perfectly fine and baby has a nice home in there.

My right side of my back was starting to hurt near the end because I couldn't really move on the bed at all. It really started sucking, plus I really had to go to the washroom really bàd. The first nurse when we first got there asked if I could give a urine sample. I didn't expect that so before we even go to the desk in that ward we had used the washroom. So she got me a big glass of water so I had been drinking that since she seemed to want me to give one near the end. I think at the same time Ì might have also been in the mist of a contraction. I might have been cramping slightly as well. Anyways it was a pain to sit up and I was in so much pain that I couldn't really concentrate on what the nurse was saying to us. She was talking about what would happen tommarrow night when I go into the hospital for whatever they have to do to prepare for the induction the next day. The only good thing is that it might not be needed, it depends on how thin the cervix is . So here is hoping if I go into labour before then I won`t need it. She said you probably won't get much sleep at all once it`s in. Oh great considering last night I had a bitch of a time getting to sleep and not being able to sleep in this morning really sucked.

Anyways I finally went to the washroom and all I could think of is I want to be home and to be able to lay down but I can't since I'm at the hospital and there is no where to lay down (Well really I could have just went and layed on the bed I was laying on during the non stress test). But I felt dizzy and sick and was in a faint cold sweat. The pain in the right side of my back was sooo crappy!! I thought I was going to pass out in the washroom. All I was thinking with dread in my stomach is that I can't go through this labour thing!! Not that I really have a choice though. I was like hmmm maybe a epidural sounds pretty good at the moment. lol. So I finish in there and go to the door where Chris is and sit in the chair where we were during the stress test because I didn't want to be standing at that moment. Someone was straightening up that cubicle and I guess on her way out she told the nurse that I was still in there in pain or something. After sitting for a few minutes and drinking a bit of water I was feeling better. Once we left that room and went around the corner the nurse was like oooh it was you that other person was talking about. She asked if I was okay. She said it might be because of the way the baby was laying or hitting a nerve or whatever. She said feel free to come back anytime in labour lol. That happened about 10 to 12 and it hasn't happened since and it`s almost 2pm.

I am so ready for baby to come out but if that is any indication in what its going to be like I don`t want to have to go through it. Or if that is what back labour feels like! Geez!!


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