Wednesday, March 16, 2011

induction day..

(written april 4th 2011)

So this morning we got up and went to the hospital to get the cervidal taken out. My doctor checked me and decided that he would insert another type of pre-induction medicine I guess. This time it was a jel like substance that sits against the cervix. At this time I was having contractions but they were still weak. After that was inserted he wanted me to wait and walk around for an hour or so to see if the contractions intensified, went away or stayed the same. Mom and Tammy had come up and Steve and Steph were there as well.They were sitting in the waiting room pretty much all day long. I was supposed to be induced today but he basically told me that they were sort of full up for inducements and that it probably wouldn't happen today. I guess there was someone else that bumped me in the order. He did reassure me though that obviously if you go into labor we will make room for you at the inn, so that was never a concern.

Anyways we were at the hospital all day long basically and it was a lot of waiting for Mom and them. I don't really remember exactly how it all went down. I'm sure there was a lot of waiting in the morning and in between things. I'm pretty sure that when we first got there they hooked me up to the monitor and were monitoring me and baby for awhile before doc came in to exam me and take the cervidal out.

Anyways so I was walking up and down the hallway, feeling like a fat ass in the hospital gowns and my shoes. I really hated that you could see the bottom portion of my legs and my ankles. I would have much rather walked around in my own clothes then that gown. It was sort of embarrasing really. We did stop and talk to mom and them in the waiting room at times. We were timing my contractions which were happening 3 mins apart consistantly, but they were still standable, stronger then they were before but still standable. They never really progressed. So after about an hour of slowly walking up and down that shitty hallway we went back to the nurses desk to say that my doctor wanted me to get a nurse to check me to see if my cervix had opened up anymore. I think I was only about 2-3 centimeters that day. He said the meds were helping to soften the cervix but it still wasn't enough. But any progress was good. So the desk person said that at the moment the nurses were busy with a delivery or two but once one of them was free she would get them to check me. So it was back to walking up and down the hallway. At this time I was getting annoyed. I would have rather been at home then pacing that damn hallway! Finally we decided to go in and get some water and ice so we would have to walk by the desk and hopefully jog there memory that I was still there! It was like an hour after we had originally went to ask them for a nurse to check me! Talk about long hours of waiting geez!

After we got the water and we were walking past the desk one of the nurses was like I can totally check you now if you want. She apologized for taking so long which really I didn't care about that I understood that she was helping delivery a baby. It was just annoying having to wait soooo long. Anyways she checked me and I had made no progress so they sent me home and told me to come in at 6-7am the next morning or if I go into labour in the night. I was actually hoping this would be the case but who knew at this point.

So I got dressed and we went to the waiting room to tell Mom and Tam and them what was going on. So we went back to our house to visit for awhile and ate some pizza and crazy bread that Steve and Tam had picked up at Little Caesars on the way back to our house. They planned on coming up the next day. My doctor basically told me that if I didn't go into labour myself that I would be a higher priority the next day for induction since I would be 9 days over due by then. So we just bunkered down the rest of the night and hoped that I went into labour before then.

I have to say that being pregnant was never more real then it was at this time since it could happen anytime or the next day for sure. There was no more waiting! I was going to have a baby and the whole process was pretty scary! I definately wasn't looking forward to it but I was hopeful that the contractions I would be able to stand. At this point I could totaly see why Mel (Chris's cousin) would want a home birth. To be able to give birth in a place that you are comfortable in would have been heaven. (I'm not saying that was her only reason but it's definately one that would appeal to me the most, I definately did not want to be spending anymore time at the hospital. This day was just exhausting and long.) But I don't think I could ever do that, to scared in case of anything medical that would need to be done and to be away from the hospital. Definately not for me. But I can see the appeal. The last place I wanted to be at this time was anywhere but at home!


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