Saturday, March 12, 2011

Doc appointment and rambles..

Yesterdays doc appointment went well I guess. When we walked in I was surprised that the waiting room was empty. Usually there are at least three or four other people waiting. Chris had brought a book up with him to read while waiting because the last few times we were there we had to wait 1 hour + and sitting there staring at the wall does get boring after awhile.

We got in pretty much right away though. So it was the typical appointment with the checks they had to do (weight, urine, blood pressure, belly measurement and listening to baby's heart beat). I did mention that baby seemed to not be moving around as much the last few days. But honestly I've been worried about that for the last 2 or so months and the heart rate has always been in the same range. Anyways this time he did a check to see how I was progressing since I am over due. Not the most comfortable thing in the world but like he said at the hospital it will happen a lot so yeah. Anyways he said that it seemed like it had thinned out quite a bit and after a few seconds he was able to find the opening and was able to sweep the membrane. Hopefully that will jump start labour. If not monday I go into the hospital for a non stress test to see how the baby is doing. Then Tues I go in to get something done (I forget now but I think at least that they send me home) which is nice and then I have to call them just before 7am Wed morning to find out when they want me to come in that day to be induced. Hopefully that doesn't happen. I really don't want to be induced.

So for the most part I am not really freaking out about the whole labour thing. But there are the rare moment that I am terrified. I can't really pin point exactly what it is either. It's not like all of a sudden baby is coming out! It will happen somewhat gradually. I think partly it's that after baby is out I will be responsible for this little creature and I have no idea how to take care of a newborn! I don't know. I'm sure once I see baby I will fall head over heels in love and not be worried at all. I just feel like because of my age I should know what the hell I am doing. At least I have Chris to help me :) and of course lots of family to ask if I have any questions. It is just going to be so different after baby. It's so close!! Crazy how the time seemed to have flown by but while it was going on it was never ending.

I guess only time will tell if it leads to labour contractions or not. I have noticed that today the tightening of the stomach has been happening more frequently with a slight feeling of cramps. So Dunno hopefully that isn't just wishful thinking.

My cold has seemed to improve a lot from yesterday. I haven't had to blow my nose quite as much and that is a good thing considering it's almost baby time! I can at least breathe through my nose. My nose was super red yesterday. I hate that look! Yeck!

I totally want our baby to come out now!!


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