Wednesday, March 9, 2011

might feel slightly better?!

So last night I slept a bit better then I did the night before. I still didn't get a good nights sleep though. I switched sides with Chris hoping that it would help. I used to sleep on the right side all the time and am more comfortable on my right side. I had originally switched sides with him becuase my doctor said I should try and relax and lay on my left side for at least 30 mins a day to help blood flow easier back to the heart or whatever due to the extra amount in my system. So I thought might as well sleep on that side. So sleeping on my normal side seemed to help a bit. I still had to blow my nose like a million times last night. I think I must have went through a whole box of klennex or something!

I tried the neti pot again last night before bed and even tried to take a hot shower to see if that would loosen stuff up. Neither helped. I was just as stuffed up as I was going into the shower as coming out and the neti pot I couldn't get the flow to go into my other nostril which was annoying! So it must be pretty plugged up or something. It just kept going down my throat. I hate using it to begin with but it usually does help. I am going to try using it again shortly, the only annoying thing is that I have to boil water and then wait until a cup of it is luke warm which I always seem to forget that it's sitting there. Oh well I think I might make some hot chocolate at the same time. Hopefully it will work better today then it did yesterday.

I did sleep more last night. We crawled in bed around 9:30 -10pm and watched Harry Potter. Well sort of, really I was hoping it would lull me to sleep. I did eventually fall asleep with Chris's help, since he was rubbing my head but I kept waking up. Then I couldn't get back to sleep again. It was so annoying. It's really hard to find a comfortable position and of course every time I get sleepy it's like I have to get up to go to the washroom or my nose is runny.

When Chris left for work, I turned the tv on and watched some TLC. I eventually dozed and at one point fell into a really good sleep but that was short lived since I woke up with my nose so runny that I couldn't ignore it. OMG I just want this to go away. I feel like crap all day long and it sucks. It would be nice to feel well enough to do SOMETHING. Even if it's straightening things up or whatever. The good thing is that today I woke up with no sore throat so hopefully that is a sign that it is going away. It wasn't even sore at any point during the million times that I woke up last night. So that is a relief.

Today seems to be going by soo freaking slow. It feels like it should be way later and it's not even 1pm yet. I don't know how Chris is fairing since he got about the same amount of sleep as I did. I feel bad because I am probably what kept him up, with all my getting up and sniffing and having to blow my nose. Not fun at all. I don't want to be exhausted when baby does come! So far no signs today that that will happen today at all. Hopefully tommarrow I feel much better. I wish I could take something for this but I can't :( My nose does seem less stuffed today, or at most times. It goes through it's phases. So here is hoping!


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