Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Doc appointment...

The appointment today sort of sucked! We got there at about 10 to 4 and the office was busy! But then there was like four doctors in that day so it was a mixture of patients. Anyways we sat there for quite awhile, I think it was almost 5 when the receptionist told me that he had to go over to the hospital but he would be back shortly. She said she would have told me sooner but she didn't want to shout that out before since there were lots of people in the room. So that was alright.

About 20 mins later I think he arrived back and they call me and this other girl that was ahead of me and put us into two rooms. The nurse does the prestuff before the doctor comes in and says he will be with us shortly. We can hear him talking with the other patient and then we hear that the receptionist told him they needed him back at the hospital since someone was about to deliver a baby. He seemed to think it would be a fast one. So we were like oh crap :( The receptionist about 5-10 mins later came in to tell us what was going on and say that he hasn't forgotten about you. She said that earlier he was at the hospital then had about 45 mins to see patientes before he had to be back there to help the other doctor out. Then when had came back while we were there he thought he had about 30 mins to see people before he had to go back but that wasn't the case. So she asked us if we were okay to wait, she said he is coming back. I was like yeah we are here. So we waited. Good thing there wasn't a clock in there! lol or I would have gone crazy.

He came back and said sorry about the wait and thanked us for waiting. He said it's been a crazy day, probably the worst he has ever seen. But that's what happens when someone goes on holidays lol. Anyways so he asked all the normal questions, any concerns, any bleeding, unusual swelling etc. I mentioned my cyst and said I wasn't sure if it was prego related or came because my hands have been swollen and sore for the last little bit. (About four weeks ago I woke up with a bump on the side of my wrist that hurt like hell!! I used to get ganglion cyst on the back of my left hand wrist randomly and you can get them on the side of your wrist so that is what I am assuming it is. Seriously last thing I want to deal with while almost due!) He said that near the end and especially in delivery becuase they give you lots of fluids its not unnormal for people to get things like carpal tunnel etc and that usually goes away a few days or a week after birth. He said if it's still bothering me a few weeks after it's probably good to get it checked out. I really hope this is why I have it though due to prego. It was really sore today. He told me to try and take tylenol for the pain. Basically I think he said it's okay to take one a day if I need it.

After that he said he wanted to check my cervix to see if anything was going on. He said that he thinks the cervix is still closed but it seems to be shortened. So at least soemthing is still going on. He said that he would see me in a week and if I make it that far that we would talk about what to do next. He said he won't let me go past a week over due.

So I booked my next appointment for the next friday. I don't know if I do go over a week I could very well be giving birth on the 17th! (The full moon since that is basically a week over due!) The 17th is also St. Patty's Day and V's birthday. I have to say I am getting nervous about delivery. There are a few moments where I am terrified and then others when I am just ready to get it going. Just not knowing when it will start sort of sucks! I can't wait to see baby and see if she is a girl or a boy!! We didn't get out of there till 15 after 6! It was a long wait! Next week should be back to normal though.

Mom called to see how I made out. Unfortunately I really had nothing to report other then the fact that I wasn't dilated and my cervix had shortened. I think she is also getting anxious. lol. Don't blame here hehe I'm sure lots of people are waiting patiently:) including me and Chris. So basically less then two weeks!! Yikes!!


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