Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's TIME!!!

(This was written Dec 11th 2012 :)

So I woke up at 4am with what I figured was contractions. I didn't wake Chris up just yet though. I kept timing them. They seemed to be coming every 3 mins pretty regularly. They were not to intense yet I could still talk through them but they weren't the nicest feeling at all. Finally I woke him and said I think I'm in labour. So he timed a few. I wasn't sure if I should call mom yet but since they were pretty steady and if I called her then she might be up in here before we had to leave for the hospital. Chris got me the cell phone and I called her and she said she would be on her way in a few minutes. I got up a few minutes later to go to the washroom and I was bleeding like mega. This freaked me out. I knew that you could get a bloody show along with losing your mucus plug but I wasn't sure how much blood you would lose. I was freaked out by the amount that I was bleeding so we decided to head to the hospital. So I called mom back and told her we were going to go there and we would have to bring monkey with us. Thankfully I had my bags packed already so we gathered all the stuff I needed to bring, then got monkey up. We just put her in her winter jacket in her PJ's and made sure she had a few blankets on her as well. We had the stroller in the trunk already so that wasn't a problem. I felt so bad for having to drag her out of bed. :(

Unfortunately when we got to the hospital it was freaking raining out! We had a few mins of walking to get to the entrance as well which sucked. We draped one of the blankets over the stroller to keep her dry as possible and went in. She was actually pretty good! She had at least 8 hours of sleep by the time we woke up so she wasn't cranky or anything. All my stress for nothing. She was sort of half asleep for awhile so just sat in the stroller and watched us. The nurses hooked me up to the monitors and asked a bunch of questions. Basically eventually they said the baby looked fine and that I could go home and come back when the contractions got were I had a hard time ignoring them. She said it was up to me though and that most people like to go home for a few hours and then come back since that way they can rest and eat something. I was so tempted to stay but I also wanted to be able to eat something so I decided to go home and come back. Thankfully by the time we were ready to leave Tam called on the phone and said they were in the parking lot. I told them I was going home for a bit so we would meet them there.

My contractions were getting worse by the time we got home but they still weren't that bad. They were just uncomfortable. This morning was surreal I have to say, since I spent so much time freaking out about labour, going into labour, when it was going to happen, what we would do with monkey etc and now it was here and I wasn't stressed about any of that. It just seemed natural. I ate a bagel and cream cheese then decided to go lay down on the bed since it was more comfortable then sitting on a chair out with everyone. Eventually though they were getting to bad that I felt like I just wanted to be at the hospital and that way I could relax since I didn't want to be almost giving birth and being stuck in traffic on the way or something.

So we went back and Mom and Tam watched monkey at the house for us. I was hooked up to the monitoring machines again. The doctor on that day wasn't my doctor but she was pretty nice. She was the same one that was there when I went in for my leg being swollen. I was admitted and got to pick my room. They said that the huge room with two wall of windows was open or room 3 which was smaller. I walked into the big one and was like umm nope lol. I felt like everyone and there uncle could see in! The nurse said most people think the same thing and go for the smaller room. The nurse went to get the tub ready while we went to the room and Chris and the doctor in training brought our stuff in. She was super nice as well.

So we got settled in our birthing room while we waited for the tub to be ready. Thankfully they waited until I was out of the tub before putting my IV in. Being in the tub again was nice!! It was super hot though which worried me but it was nice to sit in it for awhile. Like last time though even though I wish I could have stayed in there the whole time I started to get really hot and just wanted to get out.

So when I got back into my room the IV was put in by the doc in training. The nurse put a couple of emla patches on the back of my hands since the doc in training (I cant remember her name) was going to do it. She has done it before but needed more practice. OMG it hurt like hell and I swear she was like pushing the needle in but sideways. I don't even know but my hand really hurt by the time she was done. I made the mistake of looking at one point since afterwards the doc commented that I looked better and that I went pretty white at one point. lol.

After this it was pretty much a waiting game. Pretty much right after I got into the room and had my IV in we talked about an epidural and she said that they would call it down and get the stuff set up for the doc when he came. I am so glad for that since my contractions were getting worse and it was all I could do to get through them. I was pretty close to tears a few times and it was so hard to breath. I had Chris's hands every time it peaked but that really didn't help. I was SO FREAKING RELIEVED WHEN they said he was there. I had asked one of the nurses when we first went in the wee hours of the morning how long you would have to wait. She said usually from the time it was called down it was about 20 mins and it rarely goes for an hour. It never goes longer then an hour. Well I tell you my luck it was an hour wait. Like I said I was never more relieved when they said that he was there. I remember at one point one of the nurses came in and said he should be here soon it usually never takes this long. I remember one said that he was in the ER or something which made me cringe because who knew how long it would be then. The few contractions that I had while he was doing it still sucked ass but at least I knew pain relief was on its way. The contractions just got less and less painful and finally went away. I think it must have been close to 2pm at this time. Chris was thinking of going to get food and I told him that he better go then since the last time I had an epidural it seemed like after I had it the rest of my labour went quickly. So he started to leave but ran into Mom and his mom in the hallway. They came in and talked to me for a few moments then went to go get something to eat. I thought Chris would get food and come back but he ended up eating with them.
Of course 10 mins after he left and the nurses left I started feeling pressure. I had no idea what to do since hello I can't get out of bed! I couldn't find the call button at first. I tried the one that was on the bed railing but that didn't work. I was starting to panic and I just happened to look far enough to my left up on my pillow and I saw the red button. Instant relief! I guess I could have started yelling if I got that desperate. So someone came in and said I was okay. She checked to make sure baby wasn't there lol. The pressure just got worse and worse though. I thought it was bad to not push when you felt that though? Guess not because it seemed like a long time before they told me to push.

The nurse that was looking after me eventually came in and said that she wanted to see how I would do pushing so we did a few. Then left to go tell the doctor I guess. Chris was back at some point. Then it was just a matter of waiting for them to come back and get me to push again. She did have to give me a bit of pitocin I think because once I started actively pushing the pressure started to back off. The little bit helped get it going again. So I pushed for I don't know how long, maybe 20 mins? At this time I think both docs were there. I remember the nurse helping the head come out.  I guess all of a sudden the head was out they screamed for me to stop pushing. I looked up and the one doc in training like whipped her sweater off and threw it against the window while the nurse ran to get her a gown. I guess they didn't expect the baby to come out that fast. After that it was really small tiny pushes and the baby slide right out. They clamped the cord and got Chris to cut it. The one doc in training said something about she is a cutie. I looked at Chris and was like is it a girl? He was like yep.

They didn't have to take her away so they put her up on my chest. All I could think about was how tiny her bum was in my hand and how sticky she was. But it was nice to cuddle like that for a bit. They did have to do some repairs though so it was a bit of a wait with stitching again. I don't think the tear was as bad as last time though. They eventually took her to weigh her and she was 7lbs 11 oz. One pound lighter then monkey. I tried nursing for a bit before we were going to go tell mom and Chris's mom. They decided to bring me to our private room before shift change. I guess usually they wait until after because it was so close to shift change but decided to do it before. So I got a wheel chair ride down and seen Chris's mom in the hallway. I think the one doc helped Chris with the bags again and him and my mom and his followed us to the room.

The bed I was put in was so comfortable at first! haha only at first after awhile it felt hard as a rock! But it was nice to be laying down again and not in the ward room. Chris's mom said that when she saw the nurse wheel me past she though she saw blue on the blanket and thought that we had a boy but nope lol. The blanket was standard and had both a blue and pink strip. They were excited to meet their new granddaughter though. It was also really nice to have Chris there with me and to help me. I also found the nurses to be nicer or more helpful or something then when I was in the ward room for some reason. But maybe that was only because the nurses I had themselves were nicer.


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