Friday, September 21, 2012

Time is flying by!

I have no idea where time is going! It's already the end of September! I remember in July when it was scorching out that it was never going to be this time and here it is! I have about 4 weeks left of work (19 shifts left) although now I am considering a 5th week tacked on to that but I am taking it a week at a time. I have been running the auto machines the last two week ( I pretty much just go to #6 if its running a certain job) since my supervisor a few weeks back kept asking me to run it.  I might as well get there right at the start of the shift instead of quarter after when there are to many parts to catch up easily. I figure until it's not running as an auto or he sends someone else or tells me otherwise I will just do that. It hasn't been to bad. Although now weighing the boxes at the end of the night (there normally is only 4) is starting to get to me. I still hate being at work but at least the shifts are flying by and I am free to use the washroom or go on break whenever I need to.
Monkey is doing well. Last week I watched her have her hippo toy on its side and was putting her sheep toy from the farm set on it and then spinning the wheel and then making angry noises when it went flying off. But she just put it back on and did it again. Crazy kid. It's so fun watching her play because you never know what silly thing she is going to do.

Today she decided that standing up then letting herself fall on her bum was great fun. The last few days she has let me cuddle her. :) She rarely does that so it's nice that she is starting to.

She had to get her 18 month needle on Monday which I was dreading. It was just one thankfully though, and it was another dosage of stuff she has had a few times before. Chris sat her on his lap in front of the computer screen where the nurse had a sesame street video on youtube featuring Feist singing 1234. Her eyes were glued to that and she barely registered that she stuck her arm with a needle. There was no crying or anything. I think we were all shocked but very relieved.  She got a Winnie the poo sticker and that was that.

We did talk to the doctor about her constipation. He said if we can control it with diet that is the way to go but there are kid friendly laxatives if we need it. I have given her prunes regularly before and it really seemed to help so we decided to just try that again.  I also got him to check her ears while we were there because she picks at them sometimes or scrunches her shoulder way up to her ear. I thought it couldn't hurt to get him to check them while we are there and if it was nothing then I wouldn't be going home and worry about it. He said they were both fine. He also checked her stomach to make sure it was soft, which it was. He said somtimes if they have trouble passing stool their poor little tummies get hard! So thankfully it was also okay. He also comment on off hand that she has a nice toddler belly pudge. haha which in the back of my mind I was wondering if that was normal and I am glad that he said that. Her belly is huge! lol.

The only other concern that I had was for the adult pertussis vaccination since there have been cases again in my province and in the States. I guess they are finding that the vaccinations are wearing off.  I'm not as worried about monkey since she is vaccinated for it but I am worried about the new little one that is coming and that me and Chris's protection might be waning. I really don't want to pass it on to my baby since they don't get their first dosage until 4 months! Other then that that was all we had to talk to the doctor about. He said to call back when one of the nurses was in that knows more about it or call the health unit because they would have more information on that vaccination. I don't think I can get it right now anyways since I am prego but still one of the many things I need to do.

Monkey doesn't need to go back for any vaccinations now until she is 4, unless something comes up before then. It's so nice that she doesn't have to have another freaking needle for awhile!

As for my pregnancy I can't believe how quickly it is going by! I am starting to feel it though. I feel huge and heavy and sometimes my pelvis really freaking hurts. It's hard to shift in the bed and I can't lay on my back at all. My legs get swollen really easily especially after getting off at work (and I sit most of the time!). My back starts hurting at work to but not like the last time. But it might be that the parts I was working on last time I had to lean over a table a lot.

The baby is pretty active some of the time and people at work keep commenting that I must be having twins :( lol I know I'm huge but I also only have 2.5 months to go.
Monkeys new saying is 'hi it's me!' sometimes she will say it's mommy or it's daddy. So cute!


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