Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I've been feeling less exhausted the past few days which is nice. I still get tired after getting up but am not struggling to stay awake anymore. I probably could go to sleep if I let myself but watching monkey that is definitely out of the question. I wonder if the extra iron I am now taking is helping or if it's just a coincidence. Regardless it's still nice.

Last night at work really sucked. There were loads of people missing to so my supervisor asked me to run number machine #6. The part was running horribly and it seemed like he would get it running okay and then five minutes later it was running like crap and I couldn't really keep up since I had to inspect each part carefully. I was so glad when the night was over. It was also really muggy in there despite the fact that it was chilly outside due to rain. I'm going to assume that I will have to work on 6 again and I really don't want to :( I am so tired of work it's not funny.

Only 6-7 more weeks to go which is like only 33 more shifts. I can do it! ( I hope). It was so hard to leave yesterday. I had the gate up in the kitchen so monkey could run around while I got my lunch ready and as soon as Chris walked in the door she ran to the gate with a big smile on her face and started giggling cause Chris was home. The cutest thing ever!! I miss her cuteness while I am at work.  I don't get to see it until we get up in the morning. If I didn't go I would have four extra hours of monkey cuteness before she goes to sleep. Her naps are later as well so it's going to be hit or miss if she wakes up before I leave. :( That makes me sad. I feel like I barely see her during the day since she naps from 1-3 hours and we get up around 8:30 -9am.


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