Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monkey Clothes: July 03 2012

So Monkey has all these cute little outfits. I have lots of fun deciding what she wears each day. I love the summer months because we have so many cute little dresses, tshirts and short sets for her to wear. I thought it would be a cute idea to show what she wore on any given day. I probably won't be doing this everyday but it's nice to remember and see new outfits from time to time.

On Saturday we had gone into a store called Bonnie Toggs since a coworker of mine commented on how cheap the clothes were in there. We ended up getting her two dresses and some pj sets. This is one of the dresses we got her.

Love it and I love this picture. She is constantly on the go so after me failing at taking a decent shot it was up to Chris to get one. This was one of the really good ones that he captured. Love it!


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