Sunday, July 1, 2012

Canada Day 2012 :)

We met up with some of Chris family at the beach for Canada Day. This was the first time Monkey got to wear her new bathing suit and the first time she has ever been to the beach. We got there and were really lucky to get a good parking spot that was fairly close. There was a weekend long celebration going on so everywhere was packed full of people. I think this was the most possible the busiest I have ever seen a beach in my life!

Monkey just LOVED the sand, it was like one huge sandbox. She had a very busy day but never stopped going.

She played in the sand with Grandma.

Ate snacks with Daddy.

At one point she decided to stick her foot into the pail of water that Grandpa brought her up from the water. She spend hours throwing sand into it or trying to take water out. She got pretty covered with mud and sand but she was having a blast. Here in this picture we are pretty sure that she was also trying to get her other foot in there but then couldn't get the one foot that was in there out. Grandma came to her rescue.
She made sand angels.

Went for walks with Grandma.

She didn't actually try to get up and walk around for awhile but when she did she had a hard time keeping her balance. She finally got the hang of it though.

Later on in the day we brought her down to the waters edge where she had tons of fun walking around in the water. She even fell in and got most of her bathing suit wet. We were surprised that she didn't cry or anything since the water was ICE cold. We didn't keep her in it long for that reason. So soon after we wrapped her in a towel and went back to the others.

Once back to our little spot of beach she had a nice snuggle with Grandpa. She was clearly tuckered out so we headed out soon after. It would have been neat to stay for the fireworks but they were scheduled for 10 pm and we thought that was to late for her to be up. When we finally got back to the car the person that parked behind us like literally parked right against our back bumper. Thankfully the car in front of us belonged to the father of someone who was at the house we were in front of and she told us that her father moved it ahead so we could get out. She was like 'I wasn't out here when that person parked right behind you. Like seriously who parks like that! I would have gave him a piece of my mind if I would have been'. I told her to say 'thanks to her dad' that really would have sucked if we couldn't leave when we wanted to. 

Then of course we got lost a bit trying to take the same route we did when we went there. The GPS also for some reason was not picking up were we were which was annoying. It finally did start working but that was after we figured out where to go. Geez!
Unfortunately Monkey had a bit of a diaper accident in her car seat, soaking most of the bottom pad. Chris dropped me and Monkey off at home because of that (and she was starting to get cranky) while he drove his niece home. I had to give her a bath before bed since she had sand everywhere. She likes bathtime though so she was happy enough. Once I got her bathed and put into bed for the night Chris was back. He brought the car seat in and all I have to say is I hope that I never have to take that thing apart ever again. First of all the instructions made no sense until I read them like 50 times and even then it took awhile to understand what the hell it was saying. Also the pad needed to be hand washed in non detergent soap. Seriously I have no idea what that means other then don't use laundry soap. Even google failed on answering that question. We were going to add a bit of sunlight dish soap to the water but since in its description it said detergentwe just used some Dove soap in the water to be sage. Then it has to air dry. Hopefully that doesn't take forever. As it was I only soaked the part that was wet. It took me two hours to get the pad off! Now that I figured it out though I'm sure if I ever have to do it again it will take no time at all. 
It was a long day but fun! I was exhausted by the time we got home. The sun and being outside always does that to me even though most of the time I was sitting in shade and all three of us were slathered in sunscreen. It was a good Canada Day :) We definitely plan on taking her to the beach again soon.


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