Monday, April 23, 2012

Some more Monkeyness..

Monkey started to stand with her head on the ground and her bum up in the air. Almost like she is going to do a somersault but thankfully actually doesn't try yet. She's been doing this off and on for the last two days the silly kid. (It's like the downward dog yoga pose just with her head on the ground). She usually then just rolls to her side so she is on the ground or like buckles her legs and lays on the ground. She never stops making me laugh :)


  1. That is too funny. When my nephews use to do that, the oldest one would actually do somersalts and he nearly gave me a heart attack every time. I was always afraid he would break his little neck, but he would just roll and then lay flat on the floor. They are so precious at that age. I love kids, they crack me up, they really are the best comedians.


  2. I know! I can sit for hours just watching her walk around jibber jabbering and playing. So friggen cute!


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