Thursday, March 29, 2012


So last night on my first break at work I was thinking about I should be getting my period soon. According to the app on my iPod my last few cycles were around 28-29 days long. It suggested that I should of had started on Monday but when I looked at the numbers previously I thought it was wrong and that I would have started today since it is the 29th. Anyways, last night I got looking at the calendar in the app again and realized that actually my period started four days before the start of March and that yesterday was like the 33 day or something. I was sitting there like OMG!!! trying to not get my hopes up! I had my hopes up the last few months only to find out I wasn't pregnant. I know on Monday I felt like my period would start but never did. I tried emailing Chris on my ipod but of course the app that I use wouldn't send and I ran out of time to go into actual Hotmail to send it. So I mentioned to him on the phone at lunch time that I should test this morning. He was like really!? lol  I knew I couldn't wait until Saturday morning to test.

So that is what I did this morning. The test came out pretty much with two lines a few seconds after I set it down. So there we go I am prego again! It's sort of surreal!! I'm not sure want to go through the whole process again but I know that the rewards will be worth it just look at Monkey! I am hoping for a boy this time though but like last time it really doesn't matter as long as he/she is healthy!


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