Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Monkey!!

I can't believe her first birthday was here and gone! Where did the time go? There were SO many people in the house it was crazy and that wasn't even everyone that was supposed to come! We had a ton of food left over but I guess it's better to have too much then not enough. I had booked Friday off from work so I could prepare for the party the next day and it was hectic. I spent the day finishing the rainbow cupcakes (which turned out amazing!) and made rainbow jello shots (no alcohol of course) and Chris spent most of his night preparing everything for the baked beans he wanted to make. Our fridge was packed! My mom and sister brought some salads, Chris mom brought some sandwiches and we had some BBQ meatballs in the crock pot. Lots of good food!

Monkey got a lot of clothes for summer and a few toys which is good. She was super tired though. She normally takes a nap between 12:30 and 1. We tried to get her to sleep before that at around 11. I didn't think she was going to go to sleep sadly, and soon after Chris's parents arrived. We gave her a bit more time and finally I said that I doubted she was going to sleep because it was to early. So Steve, Chris's dad, went to get her. He said that when he went in she was standing in her crib happy as can be and had this huge smile on her face, but when she realized that he wasn't me or Chris it slowly disappeared and then she started screaming. She cried for a bit but then got used to them again and was content playing on the floor with Grandpa. 

She had her moments throughout the day where she just cried and generally was cranky but most of the time she was all cute and smiling. I don't really blame her though since it was a really busy day without a nap.

Mackenzie freaked out when we put her in her highchair when it was cake time. Since it was her first birthday I had just made the cupcakes instead of getting a cake. We were singing Happy Birthday to her with one candle on it but as soon as I got close she freaked out and lunged for it. I had to quickly pull it back and blow the candle out so she wouldn't burn herself. She did not like that and started crying! I quickly unwrapped it and plunked it down in front of her and she had a ball destroying it.  I fed her a few bites but she wasn't really interested in eating it and never tried to put any in her mouth herself. Weird kid! lol.

It was good to see everyone though. It was a good day. Long for her but I think she had fun. She looked super cute in her green Hello Kitty St Patty's day shirt and World's cutest Leprechaun pin!

Still can't believe my little girl is already a year old!


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