Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monkey meets Santa Claus

I honestly really really thought she would throw a fit and start crying when she met the big guy, especially since by the time she was on his knee it was an hour past her nap time. She surprised us though, she was all giggles and jibber jabbering to him. I have no idea what she asked him for though (We don't speak baby anymore but hopefully she will like what Santa, Mommy and Daddy give her.) There was a bit of a delay after they took a few photos for some reason. It felt like eternity before they were ready again. They snapped a few and she said goodbye as only babies can and even managed to pull his beard. He just laughed as he straightened it again and gave her back to Chris. Thankfully this Santa was one that had a real beard otherwise there might have been a bunch of really confused kids in the lineup.

The lineup wasn't to bad for the middle of a Saturday even though I think every spot in the parking lot was full. I really hate crowds so I was a bit relieved. I'm sure we were in the lineup itself for a while but with all the cute little kids taking photos with Santa the time passed pretty quickly. I was a bit shocked to see a few groups of people in their 20's getting their photo with Santa. I mean really? That was a bit odd. All in all a good day, even though we managed to check off a bunch of things off our to do list, and yet manage to not get one-single-christmas-gift! Gah! Time is running out! I guess we will once again be last minute shoppers like we are every freakin year!

Now my only question is will we have snow for Christmas! I hate winter and snow since it's a pain to shovel and drive in but Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without snow!


  1. Very cute! Love her little footie PJs. She did a great job--judging from what I saw at the mall yesterday she should get an award for congeniality. :)

  2. You had to ask if you would get snow??? You mentioned the other day that you have a lot now huh? I dont like it AT ALL...just creates more time consumption and I get scared driving, the kids walking to school...ugh! (None yet for me in Chicago) Monkey looks adorable with Santa! I love the striped socks!!

    jenny at dapperhouse


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