Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas decorating!

I have been pretty much been picking at decorating the house for Christmas this past week. I also realized I really don't have to many surfaces to put things on and the few that I do I'm sure the cats will knock over or break. We have an area at the top of our stairs to the main floor that overlooks the stairs to the basement which would be the perfect place for some decorations...except the cats love running down the hall at full speed then jumping up on it. That really only leaves me the coffee table and the TV stand. At least they are to fat to climb up INTO the Christmas tree now. :)

Last year we bought a wreath for the front door and a wreath hanger to put it on but do you think I can find the darned thing! I finally just went and purchased a new one since we both looked everywhere we could possible think it might be and a few places that seemed so ridiculous but we checked anyways. Nothing. It still drives me nuts especially since I KNOW it was down on top of the Christmas totes. I'm sure I will find it somewhere else and be like 'oh yah I guess I did move it there so I could find it easier.' lol.

Monkey even helped out a well if knocking the boxes all over the place counts. At least it kept her occupied while decorated the tree without having to chase her every two seconds. 


When we moved into our own place many years ago mum gave me my ornaments and some of the stuff that she used to use on her tree. Along with that came some red and green garland that she always kept in this box. Seriously does anyone remember get in shape girl?' It was like this 'fitness program for today's young girl'. HA I remember doing this all the time. It came with lightweight dumbells, a sweat band, 'fashionable legwarmers', instruction poster and a 30 min exercise casette tape.  Ahh everytime I see that box it brings back memories from my childhood. 

Also just for fun here is an old picture of me working out to said tape.

A couple years ago my sister-in-law made this awesome christmas decoration! I love it! So unique and creative! She made it out of just a random piece of bark.

She also made me 6 mini santa clause ornaments for the tree. I love them!

Last but not least our christmas tree. Well without the angel on it. I tried to get a photo of it at night with the lights on but the pictures didn't do it justice. Our tree is one of those ones that has the lights already in the tree so no need to put any on every year. That is my kind of tree!  I also didn't really put to many ornaments on it either, I spent a lot of time doing it last year and I just didn't want to again this year. I think pulling all the branches apart last year alone I must have spent an hour or more. Not again! I think I might get some candy canes though and add them to it. I think it looks alright. 

Monkey surprisingly hasn't pulled it down on top of herself yet, but then again it's probably because I don't give her a chance to get to close to it. :) She did however like feeling the lower branches when Daddy was with her. I'm so excited for Christmas morning so she can open up her presents....and I fully expect her to play with the wrapping paper and boxes more then the toys. lol :)

I'm sure each year I will keep adding stuff. There are a few other things around, like red garland on the curtains and a Christmas mouse I made sitting on the water cooler. I got the tree up though and that is the main thing :)


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