Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy 7th Month Birthday!

Happy 7 month old birthday Monkey!


Time is flying by way to fast! Next time I blink my little monkey won't be so little anymore!

Weight: tbd
Height: tbd
Hair colour: Still a nice dark brown colour with red highlights when it hits the sun and getting thicker by the day.
Eye colour: Your eyes are still a nice pretty dark brown colour.
Diaper size: You can still fit into size 2 diapers but since we ran out of those and size 3 suggested weight overlap size 2 we started using size 3 (when not cloth diapering). They look so HUGE on you though. Size 2 were definately getting to small for your bum though. We still love our one size fits all cloth diapers with there funky patterns :)

Clothing size: You still are wearing 6 month sized pj's and clothes but depending on the style/brand because some are on the small side. So anything new we get you are size 9-12 months.

Sleep: You still sometimes wake up a few times after being initially put to bed at night but once mommy and daddy go to bed at 11pm we don't hear you until the morning between  6-7! Mommy LOVES this. It's so nice to finally get 6 hours of straight sleep although I do sometimes wake up at 4 expecting you to cry. The sleeping through the night has only started the last few weeks but it is soo nice! You are still a short napper, sometimes if there is time before bedtime I try to give you a third short nap but most often not we don't get a chance and we might move your bedtime routine to start at 5:30 instead of 6.

Feeding: I have started to wean more aggressively then I have been since work time is looming not so far in the distance and I need you to be fully weaned before that happens since anything tight (ie a supportive bra) gives mommy plugged ducts after even an hour. Mommy is SICK TO DEATH of plugged ducts :) So as of your 7 month birthday you are nursed before bed, if you happen to wake in the night (which never happens anymore), in the morning and to sleep during your second nap. All other times you are fed formula. Mommy had a 'victory is mine' moment today at your first naptime when you went to sleep without nursing (although you did go to sleep with a bottle but that is a battle for another time).  I am still taking the donperidone but have gone down to 3 pills a day instead of 6. So I am slowly weaning off of those as I wean off nursing sessions. Seriously though formula feeding isn't any less confusing to me then breast feeding since I still don't know if I am giving you enough! Although I bet you would let me know if I wasn't! :)

Your also eating about 1-2 tablespoons of rice cereal (around lunchtime) and have been eating baby food at supper time. So far you have tried squash, peaches, green beans, bananas, carrots and apples. So far you have liked everything except green beans the first night where you made lots of disgusted faces, but loved them the second night. Hopefully this trend continues!

Favorite toy: Crinkle bug is still your favorite toy, but you also enjoy playing with your plastic keys and your dollys (one with the nice soft skirt and the other one with the rattle in her head). You also enjoy playing with a rattle bear on the change table and you LOVE your jolly jumper! You have gotten really good at jumping the past few days and really get some good air now! You have also started to jumping forwards and backwards and side to side in your Jolly Jumper and jumping so high that the spring is no longer stretched out. We have also had to hook it up about 3 or 4 rings from where we originally had to when you first started playing in it. 

Nicknames:Monkey is still your main nickname but mommy calls you monkster more often now.

Funniest moments: When mommy and daddy where trying to get you to sleep after I nursed you. Daddy put you into your crib and you were pretty much asleep. Mommy went to get up from the rocking chair but it kept making this loud cracking noise. Daddy turned his head really slowly to look at me (ala Stewie from family guy) which made mommy burst out laughing. I got my giggles under control only for Daddy to burst out laughing. Our laughter woke you up mostly which made us laugh even harder since we had just finally gotten you almost asleep before we all started laughing. We finally stopped laughing and you did finally go to sleep. Got to love uncontrollable laughter though! (We had a good giggle about it remember it when discussing funniest moments.)

Favorite moments: Hearing you giggle after neck munches or feet tickles. SO CUTE!

- You have been eating more solids now.
- You roll over more frequently now (ie all the time) and since friday (the 14th) have been rolling back onto your back from your stomach. I really think crawling is going to be really soon. You also stretch your head as high and as far back as you can when on your stomach and pushing up with your arms. Then you do this cute little scream and shake your head when you go no where.
- You now can move around somewhat on the floor but it's mostly from rolling over back and forth and being able to turn yourself when you are on your stomach. I never know where I will find you.
- You still only have your two bottom teeth but I think more are going to show themselves very soon since you have been drooling a bit, chomping on stuff and running your tongue and sucking your lips over your gums.
-  You can keep your head level with your body when pulled into a sitting position with your arms.
- You say lots of jibber jabber words and like to tell long stories.
- You can bear some weight on your legs when held upright but I think most of the time when you are in that position you think your in your jolly jumper because you keep trying to jump.
- You also work a bit more to get a toy that is out of reach, you always seem to want the one that you can't quite get no matter how many are within your reach.
- You can pass an object from one hand to another.
- You turn in direction of voices especially mommys.
- You sit up really well in your high chair, bumbo chair and your exersaucer and no longer slump forwards or sideways.
- You can sit up somewhat by yourself but we still need to be right there with you incase you start to fall over but it's a start.
- you also sleep through the night! There is only ever a few wakings before mommy and daddy go to bed and you are easily lulled back to sleep during them. I love getting a block of 6 hours in a row again!



  1. OMGoodnees! He is so cute! I wish my daughter enjoyed tummy time.
    Love neck muches. :-)

  2. Hi, Nicole here from Romanian Princess. I love your blog, I'm your newest follower! Please come stop by my blog and if you like it, PLEASE follow! Thanks!

    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  3. @inthekitchenwithkp My daughter didn't injoy tummy time at all until recently but I think it's because she figured out she can get around somewhat and see things easier then being on her back all the time. lol

    @romanian Princess Thanks for checking out my blog and following! I will be sure to go check out yours!


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