Monday, October 17, 2011

10/30 - Music for all emotions

Day 10: Music you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

I honestly listen to a wide range of music. There really isn't to many genre's that I don't like and even in those that I don't there normally are exceptions (at least for a song/band/artist or two). So when it comes to music that I listen to when I am happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad it's really a wide range for each. Also at any given time it can change a lot, it just depends what I feel like at the time. So I will answer this question with music that I would listen at this time in my life if I was experiencing any of these emotions. I also need to add that I am pretty slow at finding new music to listen to (not in the sense of purchasing albums or songs but that I pretty much stick to what I have and what I used to listen to years ago). Most of the time I don't even listen to any of their newest albums besides what I had from before. I know I know I am horrible! But honestly there is WAY to much music out there and sometimes it's hard and exhausting to try and find something that I really love. So having said that...

When I am:

Happy/hyped: Techno/dance music - I especially love DJ Tiesto, Tegan and Sara, AC/DC, Bjork, Black Eyed Peas (Monkey Business), Three Days Grace,

Sad: Coldplay, deftones (white pony), Evanescence, Kelly Clarkston (first two albums), Our Lady Peace

Bored: Green Day, Sum 41, nirvana,

Mad: Incubus (S.C.I.E.N.C.E), System of a Down, Korn, Sum 41, Coal Chamber, Deftones (adrenaline, Around the fur), static-x (the heavier the better :)

ugh I could go on. It is quite a mix I have to say. Of course when I'm mad the heavier the better and when I'm sad mellow is the way to go :)

My newest find is all thanks to Jenny at Dapperhouse who made a post about Imogen Heap who I simply love now and was shocked to find that I actually knew one of her songs just didn't know it was by her! I might like a lot of different types of music but I am really drawn to bands/singers fronted by females. Probably because I am one :) Who are some of your favorite singers/bands?


  1. I heard it said that Music is God's drug...

  2. I listen to so many of those myself! I haven't known anyone else who even knew who Our Lady Peace is, cool beans!

  3. @Bruce you know that could be true, Music is so addicting :)

    @Sheri Our Lady Peace is such an awesome band! They are more commonly known here but that's because I live not to far from where they grew up and got started. :)


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