Thursday, October 27, 2011

13/30 - 10 years ago and now.

Day 13 - A photo taken over 10 years ago and a  current one, how have you changed since then?

I don't really think I have changed all that much. I am still the same old me, maybe a bit wiser then I was ten years ago and definitely well on my way to the life I want to live. You know all the things you grow up hoping that you will have someday - a nice house, a car, married, and a family. I am happy with how my life is going and still think that any future to come is looking pretty bright :)

So this first picture below is roughly ten years ago and it's the only one that is scanned into my computer so sorry that it is not the greatest. (I have to say I think I am the only person I know that actually sprained her arm getting off a ski lift. Not only was it the first time ever being on one, it was the first time getting off of it that day and the first time we ever went snowboarding. So embarrassing! :( LOL although that was nothing to the contraption they out on my arm as a splint - after of course getting to the bottom and falling at least a half a dozen more times onto my arm. Good times, good times. Seriously though why was I so afraid of falling getting off the ski lift but falling a million times on the way down the hill didn't phase me at all? I don't understand my brain sometimes). Also that is my hubby's photo 'thumb in the way' skillz. LOL The five pictures he took that day all have thumbs or fingers in them.

This picture here is from the last week or so and I hate it. LOL I'm sans normal clothing and sans makeup so yeah. But of course I look at myself and see me still with the baby weight that I gained from my pregnancy and am having a hard time losing. So yeah that is probably why :) This is me with my hair also finally starting to grow out again (Cindy if your reading this don't let me cut my hair that short again! It's finally starting to grow out though and I still have the same problem I did since the beginning of my life which is how to style it so that I don't hate it. The only thing I like about it is the colour! lol.) 



  1. Hi Krissy!

    That was a funny blog comment you left me about your dream of lip gloss. That is a pretty weird dream to have since it is such a vague topic...neither troublesome or exciting related to your life. So sweet that your dreaming about me (ha ha ha). j/k...and by the way, that is a great picture of you! You dont have to be dressed up with make-up to look AMAZING! And your hair is not only long, but so thick and wavy - Gorgeous!
    Thanks for keeping in touch!
    - jenny at dapperhouse

  2. I don't think you have changed much at all! Lucky you. Your hair is beautiful, don't cut it!! Haha.

  3. @Jenny - haha thanks :) Yep the strange dreams I have sometimes! lol

    @Sheri - yeah I dont think I have changed to much either. Basically just my hair has been longer and shorter. I can't wait till it grows a few more inches then I will be happy.


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