Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy 6 month birthday Monkey!

Happy 6 month old birthday Monkey!

Wow already a half a year old! Where did the time go! I think in the last week you have grown bigger and it seems all of a sudden to both of us.

Weight: ~tbd friday the 23rd at 6 month baby well check (will update then)
Height: ~tbd friday the 23rd at 6 month baby well check (will update then)
Hair colour: Your hair is dark like Daddy's and getting thicker
Eye Colour: Your eyes are still dark and almost black. I think they are going to be a dark brown colour.
Diaper size: You are in size 2 or M in Bummis Cloth diaper covers, although we are now using one size fits all, all in one cloth diapers.

Clothing size: You wear mostly 6 month sized clothing since most 3-6 are getting a bit small. You can still fit comfortably in some 3-6 month clothing but more often then not we just opt to use 6 month plus.

Sleep: You still sleep alright at night. Now that I think you are out of your growth spurt you have been going to sleep and waking up at 2am and then not again until 7am. You do semi wake up a few times after being put to bed for the night but daddy just has to go back in there and give you your soother and you drift off to sleep again. This doesn't happen as often anymore though. Naps you only sleep for about 30-45 mins at a time. I have finally come to terms that you are just a short napper and I probably will have to give you more then two a day. You are still currently being nursed to sleep but that will change soon since I will begin to wean on monday.

Feeding: You are still feed on mommys milk, but are being given more formula supplementation after a few feedings a day and usually before bed at night (only this past week). Mommy is not producing enough milk anymore to satisfy you even with taking donperidone which helped a lot when mommy first started taking it. Anything else I have done is also not working. Mommy thinks she is ready to wean anyways since she can no longer take all the plugged ducts and all the problems we are still having. Mommy does not want to have to deal with biting when you get your top teeth in since she just can't handle that. So to keep mommy sane she has decided to wean. It will be a relief to not have to constantly worry that you are not getting enough milk. Hopefully mommy will be able to nurse any siblings you may have longer then 6 months, but mommy is proud to have been able to nurse you as long as she has!

You have also started eating rice cereal (mostly just a tablespoon or two around lunch time) and recently have started giving you a tablespoon or two of baby food at supper time. So far it has just been squash. You made a face the first time you tried it but gobbled it all up regardless. :)

Favorite toy: Crinkle bug is still your favorite toy, but you also enjoy playing with your plastic keys and your dollys (one with the nice soft skirt and the other one with the rattle in her head). You also enjoy playing with a rattle bear on the change table and you LOVE your jolly jumper! You have gotten really good and jumping the past few days and really get some good air now!

Nicknames: Mommy and Daddy still call you Monkey. That is your main nickname but Mommy has started calling you monkster the odd time now.

Funniest moments: When you were being sneaky and tricked Daddy into thinking you were almost asleep but then he noticed your foot slowly inching out towards the dresser top so you could feel around with your foot. :)

Favorite moments (mommy): Seeing you get so excited and giggly when you are in your jolly jumper!

- you have started eating solids (rice cereal and squash so far)
- you can roll over and now get your arm out from under you most of the time, although there are days where you never attempt it and some days where that is all you want to do. You are so cute because once you are on your belly you lift both your arms and legs up and start kicking, like you are trying to propel yourself forward like you are a fish in the water. Then you get frustrated when you don't get anywhere. lol.
- You also, when you want to look behind you or around when on the floor, push with your heels to bring your back into a bridge and roll up onto the top of your head and look around. I think this is mostly how you are able to turn around on the ground and be in different positions each time I look at you.
- you can manage to turn yourself and do what you can to get to a toy that is close to you but not quite in reach. Mommy never knows what position you will be in whenever she looks at you.
- you can look for a dropped object (mostly your toy keys when you drop them while jumping in your jolly jumper, you like shaking them around while jumping)
- you have both bottom teeth. We thought it was only one of them but as soon as one poked through the other one did as well.

- Tried and eating regularly, rice cereal, about 1-2 tablespoons a day.
- So far have tried only squash. Next up is peaches.


  1. Awww...such a sweet stage! Cherish every minute! It goes by way too fast!

  2. @inthekitchenwithkp You are definitely right. I have no idea where the last 6 months went!


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