Friday, September 16, 2011

A funny thing she did...

Last night was brutal, I don't know why I am not more tired then I am. I only got about 4 -5  hours of sleep! She just kept waking up and would not go back to sleep. She did the funniest thing though and one that I would like to share. Chris tried his best to keep his laughter in but couldn't. It is just another thing to prove that she comes by her nickname naturally.

So it finally came down to Chris holding her with her back to his chest at one point. He
was walking and bouncing over by the dresser and the cd player when all of a sudden he burst out laughing. I said really softly 'what!?'. We don't like talking to much in there when trying to get her to sleep but I knew I couldn't wait to know why he laughing so much. He said that he thought that she was finally getting drowsy and calming down since she wasn't really moving all that much, but then he noticed that her foot was sloooowly inching out towards the dresser top so she could feel around with her foot. Omg it was hard for me not to laugh either, I was just picturing it in my mind! I couldn't see it happening since his back was to me. He had to move away from there so she wouldn't keep feeling around with her foot. She really is a monkey! LOL!

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  1. I laughed out loud when reading this!! My daughter does the same thing!!! By the way Im your new follower :)


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