Wednesday, June 29, 2011

why won't she nap!?!

12:00 pm

OMG is she ever fussy today :( She seems hungry but when I feed her she falls asleep! GAH!! Why does this always happen when I got no sleep. Unless she is tired and is just being stubborn about napping. She never goes down for a nap anyways when I try to do so, the only time she naps is after she falls asleep when I'm feeding her then sleeps for x amount of time. I hope this isn't going to turn into a huge headache when she is older. :/

1:03 pm

How do you get a three month old to take a nap when she won't go down for one but she is obviously super tired?!? That is the question. I really don't want to have to nurse her to sleep all the time, I think that might be a bad thing, at least at this point. Right now she is in her swing and not crying so that is good. We will see if I act boring if she will fall asleep. :(

1:05 pm

yep totally jinxed myself there. Now she is crying. Ugh. I will see what she does if I ignore her for a few minutes and not be so in a rush to go see what's wrong. Especially since I KNOW she is tired. Of course if she starts screaming at the top of her lungs that is a different story. ooh it's like she cryies then stops to see what mommy will do then does it again. Sneaky monkey. LOL. Now of course she has stopped the crying and is almost passed out or at least her eyes are getting drowsy, I think?. Score for mommy! .... maybe? Every time I glance over at her quickly it's a different face on her.


okay back to a slight cry and chomping on her hand! WTH? Now I am doubting it's just a case of the tiredness and now thinking she might also be hungry. I know I have said it before but I seriously hate breastfeeding. You can't tell how much she gets! UGH!


 omg what a monkey! I was about to get her to check her diaper then feed her since the last time I did so was at 12 (I had to give her her soother earlier to make her stop crying) and I just looked over and she is sleeping! lol. I guess ignoring her works since a few times I looked over at her she smiled at me and laughed. So boring momma works for putting her to sleep when I know she is sleepy


So strangely enough baby passed out on her play mat of all places around 8 pm. She was crying before that. I knew she was tired though. Chris put her soother in and she had a hold of his finger and the next time I looked she was out. He transferred her to her cradle where she stayed asleep. I thought she was going to wake up within the 20 mins that she normally does but she didn't. Not until 9 at least. We let her do her semi cry for a few minutes but then she started screaming at the top of her lungs. I thought maybe it was because she had a cloth diaper on so when I went in there to get her to check to see if she needed a clean one she let out a huge burp when I picked her up so no wonder she was crying. I changed her into a disposable anyways (the cloth one was fine) and tried to lull her back to sleep. She almost fell back asleep a few times but then would turn her head all the way to one side and open her mouth wide so I figured maybe she was routing for food. I took her back out to the living room and fed her and within 15 mins I was back in the bedroom trying to get her to sleep. I held her for a few mins until I knew she was drowsy then put her in her cradle. That is the hardest part because she always wakes up when I do so. I put her blanket around her tightly then held her hand and rested my arm semi on her body. She eventually was out like a light. It might have taken about 20 mins though. So it was almost 10 before I came back out to the front room. She has been asleep ever since though! I will attempt to dream feed her very soon so she hopefully doesn't wake up at 2 again that would be brutal for me considering I am already freaking tired!!


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