Tuesday, June 28, 2011

11:11 am

Today seems so long. Monkey has been crying and I have no idea why! I think she just wants to be held constantly or she just needs a nap and is being stubborn. :( geez.


I think we might have managed to put her to bed at 10 tonight! I nursed her to sleep since she was super cranky and she passed out and I was able to actually set her down in the cradle without waking her up. We have the CD mom got us for her the last time we were home on so if she does semi wake up it might lull her back to sleep. At least it won't be super quiet in there if she does. Hopefully she stays asleep. Only time will tell.


Well she is definitely down for the night. She hasn't made a peek since I put her to bed so that is good :) Now we will see if she wakes up at 2 or 3 in the morning like she did this morning. Ugh I hope she stops doing that again soon.


I definitely think that the pills are helping. I just pumped almost 2oz with the pump just now. Albeit it is at a time when she would have fed since it's been almost 2 hours since she last ate but still at least it collected something. UGH need to go to sleep so tired :( I hope she sleeps through the night tonight or at least until 5 or so! That would be nice.


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