Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1:10 pm

So I feel more accomplished today. I have started clearing off the kitchen counter which no matter what you do always seems to accumulate tons of crap! I've also started some of the babies laundry that needs to be done. I actually am more and more starting to feel like my old self and am not afraid to walk around or do things like I used to before the doc appointment last friday. Well I was feeling better and knew I was better before that but I was still scared since all the stitching I had. Even though really I knew that they had to have been healed by now, but to have him confirm that made me feel a lot better. So now I need to catch up on things that I have let go slack since the baby was born. Chris has been awesome with doing some of the major stuff but he can't do everything.

It's so gloomy out today which is depressing but what can you do. Ugh Monkey is crying now. Figures I just sat down at my computer to type. She needs to take a nap big time since she has been awake since we got up. Actually I guess she is more talking then crying. I have her in her swing at the moment. She still isn't eating the greatest and seems to have a problem with my right breast for some reason now. Which is strange considering that was the one that she did well on up until last Friday. I don't know maybe it's all in my head. I started taking the two herbs fenugreek and blessed thistle that Heidi recommended to see if that would help with my milk supply. You have to take 3 of each 3 times a day! That's a lot of pills to swallow geez. I guess if it is going to work I will notice a difference in threeish days. Also my sweat/skin will start to smell like maple syrup. Weird! I don't think it's something anyone else would notice but still LOL.'

okay monkey will not stop crying off I go to play the game 'why is monkey crying ' again.. :(

1:40 pm

So she was crying due to a wet cloth diaper. I thought she wanted to eat again even though she probably shouldn't be hungry for another hour or so. Now she is back in her swing babbling away. Or cooing I guess. It's so cute :) I can't wait until she starts to giggle!

So I just made another appointment with Heidi for Friday since she wanted us to come back again anyways. I think this time she will offer advice about supplementing a feeding at night so baby will sleep for her 5-6 hours so we can get some sleep. Although I have no idea how that will effect my boobs. I don't mind to much getting up if it's once at night and she ate better and then went back to sleep easily, but NOPE she doesn't like to do that. That would be to easy :(

Last night for example. I last fed her from 12-12:40 and then she went to sleep fairly quickly even though it was probably after 1am that we finally got to go to sleep. She actually slept for 4 hours so she was up around 5 am hungry. So I fed her but after that she was freaking WIDE awake! I honestly think it was fluke that she finally went back to sleep and I got to sleep again until 8 something. I barely remember Chris leaving for work though. After we got up the next time I fed her and then we basically got up for the day. She hasn't slept since we got up so I think she is due for a nap soon geez! That will probably happen after I fed her again since she falls into a dead sleep almost always. It just depends on how tired she is if she stays asleep or not. She is crying agian for some reason..? ugh...


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