Saturday, August 11, 2012

Yesterday at one point in the day, Monkey was sitting on the floor in the living room and had my bunched up socks where I had left them the night before and was trying to get them on her feet.  She couldn't get them on since they were in balls but she did have them on as far as she could get them on her toes. We were both watching her amazed that she knew what they were for and she was so intent on what she was doing.

Today just about 30-40 mins ago I had given her her sippy cup full of milk after we got home from grocery shopping , she finished it, walked over to the table our computers are on and stood up on her toes and put it on the side of the table! 
Her size five sandals now seem to fit her feet perfectly and I think she looks bigger (taller) but when we stood her by her height chart she seemed to be the same height. She is pretty tall though. I mean if she could figure out how to use door knobs she could do so easily since the top of her head is like 2-3 inches below the door knob. That would not be good though! I don't want her to grow up to fast.

She also figured out how to move a big box that we put across the kitchen entryway since we haven't gotten a plastic gate yet. So she escaped down the hall to her room. She also twice today fed Chris a few pieces of her lunch and supper. She is getting bigger and learning by the day! It's funny to hear what she tries to copy what we say :) I love her so much!

As for baby # 2, there have been a lot of kicks lately. Chris can even feel them as well. I think I am 25 weeks now but I need to double check my dates since the last time I was at the doctor he said that they had me down for a few weeks earlier. So I don't know. Hopefully next time we see him he will have the ultrasound results.

I have been super exahausted lately but I think that is probably normal with a second pregnancy since I have to get up with monkey then basically stay up until midnight when I get off work and I seem to be having a hard time falling asleep at night which is annoying. I might get up at 9am and feel fine but an hour later I am sooo sleepy that all I want to do is take a nap but I can't and most of the time when monkey finally goes for her nap I can't fall asleep then. It's a gamble though since sometimes I can and I feel better but sometimes I feel like complete shit so I try to avoid taking naps when I can. It sucks ,I can't wait to be on maternity leave. About 9 weeks left to go! Holy cow even though time seems to be going by slowly at the same time it seems to be flying by! I have already been back to work for almost 7 months! Crazy!


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