Saturday, August 18, 2012

I tried to sleep in today but but it didn't really work that way. I thought at first I was refreshed but soon after I got up I started to feel like shit. I was lethargic, tired cranky etc. Plus I had a headahce due to the fact that as soon as I got up I started gagging and ended up throwing up stomach acid. I ended up taking a tylenol, that's how bad my headache was. I don't like taking medicine unless I really need to. Today I really did. 

I tried reading but my head hurt to much to even concentrate. Chris fed and put monkey down for her nap and then went to lay down himself. I ended up joining him since evne though all I really wanted to do was read I needed a nap. I fell asleep for at least an hour or so. I think we both woke up at the same time monkey did. I felt a bit better but still really didn't want to do a whole lot except I really wanted to go to walmart for a pair of jeans and a kobo ereader. I have really wanted an ereader for the longest time!

Last night, at work, went by fast which was awesome.  I found out due to the new procedures at the machine for this one part, I will no longer need to bug an machine assistant or my supervisor at the end of my shift to stamp and sign my boxes. Well I still needed to last night but any new boxes I have will all be stamped and signed already. That honestly made my friggen night!  I always dread the end of my shift for that reason because everyone that can sign my boxes are always hard to find our way busy with their own crap.


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