Friday, October 14, 2011

Mommy Paranoia

Yesterday I was seriously worried about Monkeys breathing pattern. I don't know if she does this at night because I am not with her all the time but she was doing this during her nap yesterday. I've noticed this before though but I am not with her for her full nap all the time so I don't know how often it occurs. Anyways, I nursed her to sleep around 1pm yesterday and she did her normal waking up 20-30 minutes after she fell asleep and since I was still in there with her I just nursed her back to sleep again to see if I could prolong her nap. She dropped off to lala land within five minutes. Since I nurse her to sleep for naps in our bed I just stayed there as well for some mommy relaxation time but noticed that her breathing was really fast and quick, she paused anywhere from 2-6 seconds randomly then either took a big breath, breathed in a bunch of really quick and sharp breathes or made a noise that startled her into breathing again. (well maybe those two happened at the same time) She even started to twitch and her arms go flying, also sometimes when she paused in her breathing it would cause her to startle awake and she would get all cranky. If I wasn't there she would have woken up completely. This is maybe why she doesn't sleep too long for naps and keeps waking up so soon after she falls asleep. I know periodic breathing is normal before 6 months but she is almost 7months old. I was so worried that something would happen to her before this morning when I called the doctors office. It really is freaky to watch her. I wish I had the camera with me so I could film it to show Chris (and potentially the doctor) so he would know exactly what I am talking about. I know I worry to much but this was really alarming me!

No websites are helpful either since they all talk about newborns or babies under 6 months. Nothing tells me what is normal for a 7 month old and how they breathe while asleep and go through the different phases. I can't compare her breathing rhythm to adults since our lungs are fully developed while hers are not. I have to say I was totally scared yesterday.

So this morning I called and made an appointment to see the doctor. Thankfully I called when I did since they are only in the office until noon on Friday. I got an appointment at 11:15 am. We took her in and he checked her out while I described what was going on. He said that he was not worried and that it was probably due to the immaturity still of her systems and organs and that she probably could have some form of sleep apnea but will probably outgrow it. He did a really good job at reassuring me and not making me feel like an paranoid first time mom. I love our Doctor! I just have to say though witnessing the way she was the day before was really freaky. This could also explain why she is always rubbing her eyes even after she gets 3ish hours of naps a day. Sleep apnea prevents you from getting good quality sleep so you don't feel rested during the day. Hopefully she out grows it and her sleep will be better and she might actually take a decent amount of nap time instead of waking up after 30 minutes. It's so hard to know with little ones if she is just a short napper or if this is causing her to wake up before she wants to or what. Like the doctor said by the fourth baby nothing will phase you, not like the first one who you watch like a hawk because you are new to everything. (I just have to add for any family that may be reading this I do not plan on having four kids ;)

So now I feel sooo much better and not so freaked out. He watched her for a while and said she is breathing fine and she is not struggling for air and to him she looks like a nice healthy baby who was born full term and has no health issues. I know I am still going to worry but I'm her mommy and it's my job. :) I'm glad we went though, it puts my mind at ease so now we can enjoy the weekend, well except it's calling for cold and rainy weather. Not so good.


  1. Being a first time parent can be scary... every little thing that a child does that doesn't seem normal sets off the alarm bells in our head. Sometimes its just the kid getting bigger and we are not totally prepared that they are. We love our doctor too, we could go in with an arm that was completely ripped out of its socket and he would assure us that everything was fine and that he see this sort of thing all the time. He really is a calming influence in our lives. Good luck with Monkey!

  2. Yeah I am pretty much paranoid about everything although not so much anymore. I only freaked out so much twice that we had to go get her checked out. This time with her breathing and when she was only a few months old becuase she didn't pee for 12 hours straight (overnight but still! I was super worried but she was okay) lol. I guess as parents you never stop worrying though.


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