Sunday, October 2, 2011

2/30 days about Krissy...

Day Two: The meaning behind your Blog name

My blog name was originally Little Cashew. I have always kept a journal throughout my life, as early as elementary school. I love to be able to reread what I was doing, feeling or thinking. So when I got pregnant I thought that posting my entries online as well and sending the link out to my family and friends, it would let them be able to follow along on my pregnancy journey with me. We don't really live all that close so I don't really see them to often as we would like, so this was a perfect opportunity. I named it Our Little Cashew since that was our little beans nickname from the start. 

By the time I was almost due we were starting to call our unborn baby Monkey because she was always punching and kicking and was so active it was common for me to say 'aww baby is kicking again the little monkey'. The nickname just stuck. Eventually sometime after she was born I decided to move my journal to blogger since I had discovered there were tons of other moms out there doing what I was doing and I thought on blogger it would be a better way to connect with them.

My previous journal was on deadjournal so yeah lol, not the best place to be able to network. It was harder then I thought to pick a name since all the ones I wanted were taken. Eventually I settled on Baby Monkey House. The reason being is that eventually we want to have more children so I figured this would be a good blog name since it would eventually accomodate any other future additions to our family. I also would be able to add more little cartoon monkeys to my banner as needed. Thus the Baby Monkey House blog was created. :) I really wasn't to sure of the name at first but I have definitely grown to love it!


  1. I love the name and your blog header too. Neat reading about you!

  2. @Sheri Thanks Sheri! Glad you are enjoying my posts :)


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