Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monkey's first foods: Green Beans

So yesterday we tried a new food. Green Beans. She has been a trooper with everything else we have tried but this was the first miss. She made a few faces but still gave it a shot, but it was so horrible to her that she ended up started to cough and choke. That really scared us. Chris tried to pull her out the high chair forgetting that she was strapped in but thankfully she cleared it on her own. Not a great feeling having your heart jump into your throat! We might try to give her a bite or two of it tonight and if it's the same we will go back to squash or peaches, then maybe try green beans in a few weeks again. It sucks that I will probably have to throw out the rest of the jar since it says to ditch anything left in it after three days. I hate wasting food. I really don't blame her for the faces since I tried a little bit of it and I have to say it tasted really gross! I like green beans but not in puree form. Yuck!

The first bite...
Not really sure what to think...

Not really liking it...

More 'I don't like it' faces...

Green beans make me sad :(.

Update: Just to update that when I tried to give her a bit tonight just to make sure that she didn't like it, she surprised me and ate it without making a face. What a strange child I have. But I am glad that now I won't have to waste the rest of the jar.


  1. I am glad you tried again. Kids are like that, even at a young age. One day they love something and the next day won't touch it.

  2. LOL! She was just getting used to it. I can barely remember starting my kids on solid food! It's fun to see other people's pictures!

  3. @Sheri -I'm glad I tried again too. I'm glad so far she isn't a picky eater!

    @Michelle - I'm so glad that I have been taking photos as we go! It will be something to look back on and share with her when she is older. :) It's fun getting to see her reaction to things since everything is a 1st for her.

  4. Such cute expressions though! Glad to hear she likes it now. :-) -Christine @ Why We Love Green

  5. Every kids starts with greenie beanies, don't they? It was Will's first food; me hated them then and won't eat them to this day (wwhich I think is insane as the are the best thing Ever)!

  6. @Erin Wallace Yep I love them to! She did eat them with no faces the second night. I don't know why she didn't like them the first night, at least she got used to the taste I guess.


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