Friday, June 24, 2011

11:09 am

Last night was interesting. I fed monkey and we bathed her and then tried to put her down to sleep in the cradle, albeit a little later then we wanted to. It was almost 9 and we are going to try and aim to get her to bed by 8. I knew she was tired since she was yawning and rubbing her eyes a lot but she was being very stubborn. After the bath we brought her to her bedroom and I was putting some lavender lotion on her when she looked at me and started screaming! I don't know what the hell that was about. So I ceased putting the lotion on her. I don't know if it was because of that or because she didn't like my facial expression or what. Chris got her diaper and pj's on really quickly and we sat down on the couch to nurse since nothing else was calming her down. She fell asleep soon after. We tried to leave her there for a bit but she ended up waking up when we were putting her into her cradle. We left her in there and went back to the front room. She sort of cried a bit but it wasn't anything bad so we tried our best to ignore it. It wasn't until she started screaming that we went to get her. She really needs to start to learn to fall asleep on her own :( . I don't expect this to happen over night and it might not be successful for awhile but we both think it's good to try to at least get her used to it or try to get her into a schedule of some sorts. At the very least bath her and get her ready for bed at the same time.

So I tried nursing her back to sleep again in the bedroom and she again fell asleep. Unfortunately when we tried to transfer her to her cradle she sort of woke up again. After 10ish mins of us sitting in there trying to get her to sleep we just brought her back out with us. I tried nursing her again and again she fell asleep. We finally did get her into her bed without her waking up around 11. So we had an hour or so of time to ourselves before we went to bed.

Heidi mentioned that when she does go through her growth spurt we might noticed that for a few days she will wake up at 3am again. I don't know if that was what happened last night or what but an hour after I went to bed (we went to bed around 1am which was a mistake ) she woke up crying. So I got up and fed her and tried to put her back in her cradle. Usually she goes right back to sleep but nope! I know today I feel so exhausted and I am sure that Chris does as well since he was the one that picked her up to try and bounce/rock/cradle her back to sleep. I was so tired that I felt sick to my stomach. It was horrible. I think he finally got her to sleep an hour or so later. This is like flashback to the first few weeks of her life! I really hope that that isn't a new trend. She woke again around 7 to eat and only slept for a little bit after I fed her. So I am tired. Although she is currently actually napping. I fed her around 10:45 am and only ate off one side before she was out and now is napping in her bouncer.

I wonder how long this will last but no wonder why she is sleeping! She didn't sleep to much last night. I feel like complete crap today :( . I am glad Chris will be home with me for two days though, her constant unhappy cooing is driving me up the wall :( Then I feel so bad that I feel that way. It just makes me feel that as her sole food provider she isn't getting enough from me. Generally I think her milk intake is better or at least nursing seems to be better. I don't know if it's because of the pills or because of it just getting better itself, who knows. I also am always worried since as soon as she is done eating her hand goes into her mouth and she chomps on that constantly. Unless of course crinkle bug is in her hands or whatever other toy is around her. I know it's common for her at this age to be sticking things in her mouth but seriously that along with her not happy cooing makes me feel like she is still hungry and I have to say feeding her on average 12 time a day is really started to wear me out. Some day I just can't cope and have like a breakdown just from exhaustion and frustration. I thought this was supposed to get better instead of worse! Thankfully Chris is always there when this happens so he can entertain her for the 10-15 mins that I need to feel better, but still!!!! AHHHHH

She continues to have enough wet diapers and poops except her poops are rarely the nice seedy yellow they are supposed to be so I really don't know what to think about that. :/ She generally seems okay though so maybe that is just normal for her?

12:05 pm

So since monkey is sleeping so good I decided to try to do some ab work. I did segment 1 and 3 of the firms core solutions. I really need to get my abs back into shape since they are sooo weak and my back as well since carrying and delivering monkey. I was considering doing the first mile of walk away the pounds but she was sort of stirring. She is still asleep though so I might. If not now then definitely later. I think Chris is right in that she probably would sit in her bouncer and watch me, at least for 15 mins which is how long the first mile is on that one video. Woo for working out again. Now I just have to work on my eating habits and it will be super!


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