Saturday, May 7, 2011

Today we woke up with Monkey's nose wheezing and making weird stuffy noises when she was breathing. It was sort of stressful for me to hear that since she was having trouble breathing. If she has trouble breathing she would have trouble eating as well. Most of the day though after we got up it wasn't to bad but near 8 or 9pm it got bad again. We could see that she had a really big booger at the back of one of her nostrils. So Chris went down to shoppers and picked up some nasa mist stuff that the pharmacist recommended. There was no way I could spray it up her nose so Chris had me hold her and he did it. He put a receiving blanket down over her and then sprayed a little in her nose. I thought she would scream but surprisingly she didn't. I don't think she knew what to think. Chris said he could see the booger out near the edge of her nostril so he was reaching for a tissue so he could wipe it out. Well just before he was able to she sneezed and it went flying out down onto the blanket. We got laughing so hard since it happened so quickly. It did the trick though since she was breathing way better after that and didn't cry at all. Nice thing to have on hand though in case it happens again. :)


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