Thursday, May 5, 2011

9:50 am

awww monkey is sitting in her swing by the computers sleeping. I went to get a pop from the fridge and was watching her when I tried to open it quietly. That didn't work out but she like started and threw her hands in the air when the pop made a fizzing noise and then again when I actually pushed the tab in. I shouldn't laugh but it was so cute. :) I wouldn't have thought that noise would make her jump like that though, considering I opened it as quiet as I could.

10:15 am

So I think I might have another plugged duct AGAIN! I had one earlier this week to and finally got rid of it the other day and now today it sort of hurts again. GAWD. This is annoying. I have to ask Heidi tomorrow if maybe this has something to do with the two herbs I'm taking? I have already decided once the pills are gone that is all I will take. I think in the two bottles there is enough for 9 -10 days and I have already been taking them for 3. Well unless of course she thinks the plugged ducts have something to do with that. Well I know it's not the whole cause since it's more then likely monkey isn't draining either side completely each time she eats.

ohh geez she is starting to get cranky. Almost time to eat I guess.

12:07 pm

Surprisingly she didn't want to eat before. She feel back asleep and I had to finally wake her up at 11:15ish to eat. I don't know if she was necessarily hungry hungry but it had been three hours since she last ate and really I NEEDED her to eat. The only thing that worries me is that she hasn't peed since 8:30 this morning. I'm trying not to freak out considering it's only been three hours and I'm sure anytime now she will go. It's just odd since she always seems to have a pee or poop by the next feeding time. Only a problem if it's more then 6 hours and with the milk she just ate I'm sure it will be anytime soon. I hope anyways!


She finally did have a wet cloth diaper and the monkey went again before I could get the next one under her! At least the change pad is washable and it's on a change pad cushion that is water proof! It's odd that today she is like napping most of the time where as the last two days she was awake a lot. Although it's really freaking warm in here so maybe that is why. I think we might have to invest in AC unit if the great room gets as hot as it did in the winter time is any indication of how it will be in the summer! YIKES!


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