Thursday, April 29, 2010

and again...

I am totally convinced now that I am pregnant. I won't be at 100% until I take a test on the weekend but my boobs are so sore and sooo swollen. I don't think I have ever felt them like that before. I don't know I just have that feeling that I am. I am sort of excited but scared at the same time. Life will definately be different once the little one comes! But I can't wait to tell people :) I have to say I think I am also less creeped out by the fact that I will have a baby growing in me. Before it weirded me out and I couldn't help thinking about aliens and space balls where the alien burst out of the stomach. But now it's different, maybe because it is actually happening and I can't do anything about it. Well really though I want kids, not sure if I am ready for it but turning almost 31 means it's now or never because I don't want to have a child at 40 and be like 60 when they are 20. Or at least be having my first baby at that age. I think we want at least 2-3 kids and hopefully have them all before I turn 34 -35. I guess it depends if we have a girl and a boy right away or if the first two are doubles (two girls or two boys). It would be nice to have one of each for sure to make both of us happy. Although in the long run as long as they are healthy that is all that matters to us. I really want to have a girl first though, but like I said as long as they are healthy it's all good. Before I had always imagined that I would wait until the birth to find out the sex of the baby, but at least for our first one I think we want to find out when we can.

I really can't wait to have a baby belly and be able to experience the baby kicking. Now with the baby issue it's a dilemma on which style/floorpan of house that we like the best. There is one that we both really like. But there is only a master bedroom and one other bedroom. There are a few rooms in the basement that we can convert to rooms since they do have windows but if we have two kids in three years where would be put the oldest? Wouldn't really be a big issue if the first two are girls or boys because they can just share a room. I have no idea what to do. The ones with more bedrooms I don't really like the layout as much. Plus some of them have the bedrooms right next to the front door. Also with the possible bedrooms in the basement I don't think I would want to put my 3 year old that far away from us. It would be different if they were 8-10 years old. If we build a house I would hope that we would be there for a while, at least 5-10 years. Ugh so many decisions!


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